7 Creative Ways to Use Exit-Intent Pop-ups

7 Creative Ways to Use Exit-Intent Pop-ups

If you’re a marketer or business owner, you know it’s often difficult to get someone onto your website. Once they’ve made the leap and clicked on your site, it can be even harder to keep them engaged with what you have to offer. Exit-intent pop-ups are one of the most creative ways marketers can use technology to increase engagement from potential customers. 

In this post, we’ll cover seven different methods for using exit-intent pop-ups and their benefits so that marketers will be armed with all the information they need before deciding how best to implement this marketing strategy.

What are Exit-Intent Pop-ups

Exit Intent pop-ups are the best way to grab users’ attention, especially when they’re about to leave your website for good. These types of tools give you data regarding how many visitors have left without subscribing and where exactly was their last click before abandoning your page.

 This helps you improve conversion rates by making necessary changes like increasing social proof or clarifying/illustrating benefits mentioned in copywriting campaigns, which boosts up sales and saves money spent on ads! Exit-intent pop-ups work great with both desktop and mobile traffic; however, the design should fit the layout of your site (same color scheme, etc.) so that it blends in flawlessly. 

Exit-intent pop-ups are available in both free and paid versions; however, you can check out other alternatives like scroll-boxes or slide-up videos to increase sales.

Below are the different ways to use exit-intent pop-ups effectively,

Display Contact Details Or Ask Them To Fill In Theirs 

One of the most important things to do is give people a chance to connect with you. Exit-intent pop-ups are perfect for this because they appear as soon as someone starts moving away from your site and lets them know that you would like to keep in touch with them.

If you’d like people who come across your blog post or webinar content to at least fill out their email address before abandoning it, exit-intent pop-up forms can help. Only show these on pages where an individual has already done something (e.g., visited two pages) so that those just browsing will not be annoyed by ads popping up everywhere.

Remind Them About The Items In The Cart

Cart abandonment refers to the failure of shoppers to complete an online purchase. Most sites experience this problem at a rate as high as 68 percent, which is why exit intent technology has become so popular lately for its ability to engage visitors and encourage them to continue shopping with your business.

Exit-intent messages are beneficial because you can customize them based on visitor behavior or preferences in order to offer discounts that will help increase conversions immediately upon checking out. You also have two options: you can either send discount offers via email or provide customers with direct links designed specifically for their carts directly from the page where they abandon them.

Encourage Quick Action with a Limited Time Offer

One of the other ways to make use of exit-intent technology is by showing urgency. You can state the duration or a countdown created with this strategy, which often compels users to take action and complete their orders before it’s too late.

 Using count downs on limited offers is precisely what e-commerce sites do for their visitors, which is an effective way of grabbing people’s attention towards discounts available on particular products through pop-up windows at different points within browsing sessions. Pop-ups displayed on the website show a percentage discount along with remaining hours till the offer expires – just enough time left.

This tactic has made e-commerce sites like Shopify a popular destination amongst internet shoppers looking out for great deals that they cannot afford to miss anymore.

Ask the user to enter Feedback

At the end of their visit, you can ask visitors for Feedback with an exit pop-up to learn about how they feel. Exit pop-ups are great because; 

  • They take advantage of your customer’s trust and show that you’re serious about business.
  • Soliciting constructive criticism is beneficial as this helps improve future products or services; 
  • Asking for input allows businesses to show appreciation by offering rewards in return.

Some sites use “exit intent” technology where a little window pops up right before someone leaves the site, so they have no choice but to enter some quick feedback! If done correctly, though, listening will help companies create better experiences next time around, and who wouldn’t want more customers?

Encourage Users To Follow You Or Share Your Content On Social Media.

Another way to encourage people to follow you is through Exit Intent Technology, which provides visitors with the option of following or connecting with them via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People can also be encouraged by exit intent technology to like their page for future updates. 

An exit-intent pop-up will direct users back onto their profiles, where they’ll feel more inclined towards sharing what you’re doing because it’s relevant to something that interests them too! Exit-intents allow businesses and entrepreneurs alike an opportunity to put themselves out there in front of potential clients and customers while building rapport all at once!

Offer Freebies, Like Guides, Forms, Psd Files, And Templates.

Offer your visitors freebies in the form of PSD files, guides, checklists, templates, and more. You can simply ask them to sign up for these goodies by entering their email address into a lead magnet or pop-up window on your site that leads directly into an opt-in page where you have laid down all details about what they will receive upon signing up.

For instance, Email marketing websites may offer downloadable ebooks as lead magnets. Web designers are attracted to PSDs, which allow users who need graphics made but don’t know how to get creative with it themselves. At the same time, marketers love getting access to information like case studies so they can learn from other’s mistakes without having any financial risk – everyone wins! Business people also value checklist pdfs because there is always something that needs to be done; for instance, a checklist of steps required when dealing with an angry customer can be handy.

Display Related Products And Services 

Exit-intent pop-ups are useful for displaying related products and services to users who have shown intent (by clicking on a link) but not buying. 

Exit-Intent Pop-ups can get more sales by showing additional items that may be of interest to the user or at least getting them back to your site via email newsletter signup form. You’ll notice this technique is used often in blogs where they display “related posts” below each article.

This strategy will make visitors think twice about leaving your site and increase the number of people who place an order or opt-in to your email list.

Start Today

Exit-intent pop-ups are one of the most popular ways to get your customer’s attention. They work by popping up on a visitor’s screen when they try to leave your site without completing their purchase or providing contact information. You can use these marketing tools in many creative and effective ways, including reducing cart abandonment rates, increasing email signup conversion rates, boosting social media engagement with content offers, etc.

If you want help incorporating these strategies into your website design process, feel free to reach out. Our team is always happy to chat with new clients about making success happen for them online.


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