Email Marketing ROI Calculator

Calculate your potential returns for email marketing with Sendonomics.

It’s no secret that email marketing delivers the highest return on investment out of all current marketing practices. How high can this value be for your business? Use our calculator to find out. Enter the numbers relevant to your business and let it compute the conversions and ROI that you should expect!

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Not quite sure how it works? Follow the following steps to get started!

  1. Enter the total number of emails that you would send to your mailing list throughout a campaign.
  2. Follow by entering the open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates in their respective slots.
  3. Enter the Average Net Conversion value, which is the amount in profit that each conversion makes for you.
  4. In the Total Costs slot, enter the total amount it would cost you to run your campaign.

Our calculator will take these values, and compute the number of conversions, revenue, and profits that you should expect to receive. It will also estimate the number of conversions that you would need to break even.
When the calculated values are indicated in the negative, you may be running your campaign at a loss.

At each stage of your campaign, this calculator will help you see what sort of response you should expect to receive. With it, you should be able to identify the metrics of your email marketing strategy that need to be worked on.

What’s next?

So you’ve calculated your ROI from email, and you’d like to know what to do to improve it. Now might be a good time to talk to a specialist who is skilled in matters of email marketing.
Reach out to Sendonomics for a free consultation, and learn more about the best practices you can undertake to
boost your ROI today.


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