Submit Your Testimonial

Firstly, we’d like to say thank you for working with us on
your project and agreeing to provide a video/written testimonial.
Don’t worry, we’re not expecting a feature-length film! We only need around 3 minutes of content. If you could film the video with a professional/business background and if you are using a mobile device tilt your phone to the side and record in landscape that would be great. Here are some examples of previous Testimonials.

Just follow the guide below...

video testimonials
For the video testimonial please try to use the following structure:
  1. Introduce yourself! Who are you and which company do you represent? What’s your role?
  2. Why were you interested in hiring an email marketing expert for your business? What were you trying to achieve and what problems were you facing?
  3. How did you find working with Callum and Sendonomics?
  4. How did our service help you solve the issues raised in Question 2? If we know them, what have been the results moving forward after the project?
  5. “I would recommend Sendonomics because...”