5 Ways That Your E-Commerce Business Can Grow Email Subscribers

5 Ways That Your E-Commerce Business Can Grow Email Subscribers

Email marketing is an effective way for brands to connect with their customers. In fact, it’s so popular that there are now 3.9 billion email users worldwide, and this number is expected to increase even more by 2023! 

Reaching your customers through emails gives you a competitive advantage, but the benefits of email campaigns extend beyond just connecting with your audience. They can help drive eCommerce sales. In some cases, they contribute up to 60% of traffic on conversion pages when done correctly.

This blog will discuss five ways e-commerce companies can increase email subscriptions and provide tips on how you, too, can do this as an e-commerce business owner.

1 – Utilize Pop-ups

Utilizing e-commerce pop-ups is a great way to grow email subscribers for your e-commerce business. Pop-up boxes are a key element of an e-commerce site and can be designed in many different ways, depending on the website’s goal.

There are different types of pop-ups that e-commerce websites use to drive email subscribers. For example, some e-commerce sites will place pop-ups on product pages to give visitors a coupon or discount in exchange for signing up for the company’s email list. Another type of e-commerce pop-up is designed as an exit-intent: when visitors are about to leave the site, they’re asked if they would like more information from your brand and offered a sign-up form as well.

Pop Up Form Example:

“Would you like to stay updated with our updates? Sign up now!”

The pop-up box should be positioned on a sidebar or in the footer so that it won’t deter people from leaving and not obscure other important content on the page. It’s best for e-commerce pop-ups to go below any other type of pop-ups, as they are designed solely for conversion and come after all others, such as ads and social media posts. The e-commerce exit intent pop-up is thought to convert at least twice better than general exit-intent conversions because of this placement priority.

2 – Offer A Discount For Signing Up

One way to incentivize people into subscribing is by offering them a discount or coupon code when they sign up for an account on your website. 

This discount might be a 10% off coupon code for signing up during a particular promotional period (such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the holiday season).

For Instance, if your e-commerce store specializes in women’s clothing, you might offer a discount for signing up with the code “LADIES.”

Offering discounts is one example of how e-commerce businesses can incentivize people to sign up and subscribe on their site rather than clicking away from the website or not engaging at all.

3 – Offer Giveaways

Giving away a popular product or gift card is an excellent way to generate buzz for your business and attract new customers. Allowing interested parties to enter by providing their email address, you can build a landing page where they can find out more information about products and sign up for emails of interest from your company.

You have just got to be willing to offer something that will appeal – whether it’s free merchandise, discounts on items in stock, branded swag such as t-shirts at events sponsored by companies with which yours has aligned interests; anything really.

4 – Create More Landing Pages

Having more landing pages allows you to segment your e-commerce business’s product offering. Landing pages also allow you to target a specific audience with new products and promotions that they are more likely to be interested in.

One way e-commerce businesses can grow email subscribers is by creating enticing landing pages for various demographics.

Landing page content should include the following:

– Product category, price point, color, or size availability (if applicable).

– A clear call to action button stating what visitors need to do next in order to subscribe via email for exclusive deals and discounts only offered through the e-commerce website.

If this type of marketing resonates well with customers – which it usually does – then you will see an increase in conversion rates from e-commerce website visitors to email subscribers.

5 – Utilize Sign-up Forms

Utilizing sign-up forms to capture email addresses in exchange for an offer is the best way to grow subscribers. Offer incentives like discounts, free shipping, or e-books for signing up with their email address.

You can also use pop-up offers when customers are about to leave without purchasing anything from your e-commerce website – this will ensure that they have all of the information readily available at hand before completing the purchase and selecting payment options.

Wrapping up

There are many ways you can grow your email subscriber list and create an engaged audience of customers who want to hear from you. We’ve listed some common strategies that have been proven to work, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach for every business.

If any of these techniques sound like something that would be a good fit for your e-commerce store or digital marketing strategy, we invite you to contact us so we can start discussing how our team might best help take advantage of this opportunity. Who knows what kind of creative ideas will come up when working together.


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