6 Tips To Help Improve Your Email Subject Lines

6 Tips To Help Improve Your Email Subject Lines

Did you know that the subject line of your email is one of the essential aspects in deciding whether or not someone will open it? It might seem like an insignificant detail, but it’s been found that a good subject line can increase your open rate by 19%. According to Invesp, 47% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line.

On the other hand, a bad subject line could result in people deleting your email without even opening it. So what makes for a great email subject line? Here are some tips to help improve yours: 

Concise And Compelling 

Email subject lines are usually the deciding factor for whether someone opens your email or not. A strong subject line should be both concise and compelling – you want to capture their attention with a few words but still entice them into opening up the entire message. 

A great way to start is by giving subscribers an idea of what they’ll find in the body of your email: “Watch our newest video,” “Get discounted tickets this weekend!” Something that piques curiosity right away can push people towards opening it! If you’re struggling with coming up with something exciting, think back over recent conversations and try rephrasing things from those chats into a more enticing pitch to get others excited about reading on too.

A/B Test Your Subject Lines

One of the easiest ways to see how well a subject line is converting for you is to create an A/B test. Create two versions, such as “Subject Line A” and “Subject Line B,” then split your list 50-50 into one group that will receive Subject Line A and another group that will receive Email Subject Line B. 

If there are enough subscribers on the lists, you should be able to see which version converts better within just a few days. You can also use tools like Mailchimp’s Email Split Test Tool or Google Optimize to conduct tests in bulk based on different variables such as location, time zone & browser used (to name a few).

Use Emojis When Relevant

Emojis are a great way to show your personality and make someone smile. If you have an email that is related to something happy or amusing, consider using emojis in the subject line. Email subject lines like “Friday Fun” or “New Office Photos” can get people excited about checking their inbox on Friday morning when they might otherwise be dreading it.

The Visual Email Marketing Association has found in their research that emails with subject lines that are more personalized or show an emotional connection can generate a 40% higher open rate.

Additionally, they found that emojis in email subject lines increased read rates by 22%. Email clients like Gmail and Hotmail automatically convert text to emoji when customers receive these types of emails.

Personalize Your Subject Line

Everyone is looking for a little something special these days. Email subject lines are no exception to this rule, and your message can really stand out if you make it personal or custom-tailored to the individual recipient.

Your subject line is the first thing they’ll see and read, so make it count.

For Instance, if someone expresses an interest in one of the services you offer or a resource with multiple service options, you should call out the service they’re interested in, not miss them when sending out mass messages.

Keep The Subject Lines Short

One of the most common mistakes people make with email subject lines is trying to say too much within a short sentence without getting to the point. Email marketers should keep their subjects as concise and straightforward as possible to attract readers’ attention quickly.

According to research from AWeber, most subject lines are 44 characters or less, which should be the maximum length for a subject line. Email marketers should keep this in mind as they craft their content to ensure they don’t exceed the character limit and risk being flagged as spam by email providers.

Shortening your sentence also helps make sure that when someone shares your blog post on social media or chats about it with friends, no detail will be lost because of the brevity of your message.

Don’t Make It About Yourself

It can be easy to make your subject line about you but don’t. Why? Email inboxes are already flooded with messages from companies and brands that want something. If they see a message where it’s all about “me me me,” then their first instinct will often be to delete the email without opening it up or reading what you have to say at all.

Instead, try including a benefit to the reader. For example: “Introducing our new product that will make your life easier” or “A better way to track time spent.” This type of subject line is more likely to be opened and considered because it benefits them.

Even if you’re not pitching anything, such as if the email was just providing an update on something they might be interested in hearing about, don’t forget that even still, there should always be some sort of promise contained within the title. Hence, people are motivated enough to open it up. Since we know what’s inside already (in this case), our suggestion would be something like “Your monthly updates from us.”

Improve Your Strategy Today

These insights will ensure that you’re not wasting time and money on sending emails with ineffective subject lines. When it comes to inbox placement, the more relevant a message is, the higher its chances of getting opened by recipients. The same principle applies when crafting compelling email subject lines – they should be tailored to each recipient’s interests for them to be interested enough in opening up and reading your messages as well! 

Contact us today if you need assistance improving your marketing strategies so we can give you an idea of how our team could help take care of this task or any other project-related tasks at hand.


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