Double Opt-In: 8 Reasons Why You Should Move Towards It

Double Opt-In: 8 Reasons Why You Should Move Towards It

Double opt-in is not a new concept. It has been around for many years now, and it’s time we revisit the double opt-in process to see if it still holds up in today’s world. 

Double opt-in was introduced as an anti-spam measure, but with the rise of email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, double opt-in isn’t as much of a problem anymore. The real reason double opt-in is gaining popularity again is because of how effective it can be at reducing unsubscribes and bounces from your list. Here are eight reasons why you should start using double opt-ins on your website today.

What is double opt-in?

A double opt-in is a technique that involves two steps of consent. The first step requires an interested visitor to provide their email address and click on the “Subscribe” button for them to receive your newsletter or other marketing materials. The second step asks them if they would like more information from you after clicking another link sent by email. 

Double opt-in provides assurance that visitors want what you are offering before sending any messages to them, meaning less wasted time and resources spent getting people who don’t want it out of your inbox.

Why Should I Use Double Opt-in On My Website?

Better List Hygiene

Without double-checking lists for duplicates or bad addresses, you are just allowing more opportunities to be exploited by spammers who want your good name to become tarnished through their nefarious actions.

 Poor list hygiene will cost you in terms of higher bounce rates, unsubscribes, and worse conversion rates on whatever products or services you offer people through your newsletter blasts. Sooner than later, it becomes a costly exercise vs. time well spent protecting yourself from these things, which should never have entered into play in the first place.

Fewer Bounces

Because double-checking has the effect of getting rid of duplicates or bad addresses, your bounce rates will be lower and open rates higher as a result. 

It also means that you are more likely to have people opening your emails, which will give you better conversion rates on whatever you wanted them to do with this information in the first place.

Higher Engagement Levels

When someone opts into something, they want it so much that they take action by doing what you asked for, whether it’s signing up for one of your products or services, filling out an online form, or making a purchase online. With double opt-in, there’s less of a chance that they’re not really interested in what you’re offering.

Better Reputation

People are more likely to unsubscribe from your list sooner if they sign up for it of their own volition than having been coerced into joining by someone else. 

A double opt-in reduces these types of incidences significantly, which in turn improves your reputation with them. So you’re less likely to be added to a “do NOT contact” blacklist or blacklisted altogether.

Higher Conversion Rates

Double opt-in is double the amount of work. It requires double the effort to build your email list and then double that again to maintain it, but what are you really getting in return? Higher conversion rates! 

Unsubscribe rates for double opt-in campaigns average about 20%, while single opt-in campaigns see an unsubscribe rate of about 50%. One big reason behind this disparity might be because double opted-in subscribers have a greater understanding of their role as members on your mailing list, which leads them to take more time reading through newsletters they receive. They’re also more likely than single opted-ins to become repeat customers or refer new business, so not only will double opting reduce unsubscribes down the road (which saves time for you), but it will also increase your ROI.

Lower Cost Of Operations

Double confirmation not only increases deliverability and open rates but also reduces bounces which in turn lowers the number of spam complaints received – all these combined results in reducing costs associated with list management while at the same time increasing ROI. 

The company saves money on email marketing services they’re paying for monthly – such as sending autoresponders or campaigns – since double opt-in ensures those recipients want content from you.

Improved Targeting

Double opt-in allows you to receive the most accurate data about your audience regarding their location and interests since they’re double opted in by themselves rather than being double opted in through a third party such as Google Analytics or Facebook Ads. This information is essential for marketing purposes and helps provide more effective campaigns while lowering the costs associated with delivering those messages.

Higher Post Engagement Rates

It’s been shown that double opt-in leads to higher post engagement rates and the most engaged users are those who first requested permission via email. This is because these users have a more substantial interest in what you’re sharing with them than your other followers do. That means they’ll be more likely to read through all of your posts rather than just clicking an “unsubscribe” button when something unrelated pops up in their feed.

All these interactions lead to increased ROI because of higher website traffic and higher email list subscribers after newsletters have been sent out.

Choosing Your Strategy

If you want to make your email marketing more effective, consider using the double opt-in process. It will help improve deliverability rates and engagement levels because it requires a much higher level of commitment on behalf of your subscriber before they can receive any emails from you in their inbox. 

Our team is here to give you all the information necessary for designing a fantastic campaign that converts subscribers into customers with this simple but powerful change. Contact us today to learn about how our team can design an incredible experience for your business.


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