How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy

Do you feel like your business is being lost in the digital age? If so, it might be time to reevaluate your marketing strategy. With so many companies and organizations vying for attention on social media, email marketing can help bring more focus to what matters most to you.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we do things online, and email marketers are not exempt from this change. In fact, AI is already being used by some of the biggest names in email marketing to improve their campaigns’ performance. So how does artificial intelligence work with email marketing? Let’s find out.

Optimizing Mail Timing

When it comes to email marketing, timing is everything. And it’s one of the most difficult things to perfect when crafting a marketing email campaign, but artificial intelligence and machine learning apps are now able to predict precise timings for sending out emails by analyzing people’s online behavior.

Campaign Monitor reports that in their tests with AI-generated timing, mails achieved an opening rate 18% higher than those sent manually. These changes not only promise better results from your campaigns–you might even get more conversions far beyond what you expected.


Email marketers divide target audiences into segments to determine which message appeals more, what type of users should be targeted with specific offers, or how much a customer is worth. 

Using data analytics, email marketers have an insight into each individual’s actions and patterns, so it becomes easier for them to show interest in certain trends, such as preferences related to time or location. This also helps them create personalized messages based on previous interactions between recipient and sender, which will result in higher engagement rates.

Personalizing The Email Content

Personalizing email content is not just about the first name or last name used in your email marketing list. Artificial intelligence can personalize email messages by analyzing the history of what has been viewed on your site as well as other web pages, which provide much more specific targeting for emails than if we only use names to send out customized communications.

The most persuasive email campaigns are those that are tailored according to each individual’s preferences based on previous experience with your brand (or product ) and email content.

Personalized email campaigns are more effective than mass emailing because they show that you care about the individual’s interests, creating a sense of connection with your customer. In turn, this can increase loyalty to your brand or product by providing them with what they want when they need it most – ultimately leading to higher sales conversion rates.

Mail List Clean-Up

Sending emails to audiences that no longer exist is a common challenge experienced by email marketers. Having too many subscribers with no buying intent leads to an ineffective email marketing strategy with high costs. Artificial intelligence can help email marketers take care of this problem by analyzing email data to highlight inactive and low-engagement subscribers.

The AI tool evaluates email engagement and sends a list of non-engaged subscribers to the email marketer. This provides an opportunity for email marketers to clean up their email lists, which can lead to more effective campaign delivery with lower costs.

Data Analytics

Just like any other platform, email marketers rely on data analytics for email success. The difference is that with the use of email marketing platforms, data analytics becomes an integral part of your strategy. 

With email marketing platforms, email marketers can analyze the performance of their email campaigns, and based on that information; they can make strategic decisions.

In Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most powerful tools that marketers have at their disposal, and it can enhance your email marketing strategy. AI offers a wealth of benefits for those who want to extend their reach beyond what they can do on their own such as – increase their conversion rates, improve customer experience, and generate leads through email marketing.


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