How Many Email Campaigns Should I Send Every Month?

How Many Email Campaigns Should I Send Every Month

A well-executed email marketing campaign could mean the difference between a non-responsive subscriber list and frequent engagement with your content.

However, one of the hardest things for businesses to get right is the number of emails they should be sending and how frequently they should be sending.

It is easy to simply send your emails and wait to see how the engagement pans out, but you may be missing out on conversions by either sending too many or too few. Here are a few guiding principles to help you to find that email sweet spot.

Always put quality over quantity.

It is better to have one or two emails that bring lots of value to a subscriber each month than to have tens of emails with no real significance to their interests sent every week. Always try to make sure that your recipient has something to gain from interacting with your message. The benefit could be anything from a free item that they could claim to a valuable piece of information relevant to their niche. Market research source MarTech Advisor noted back in 2017 that click rates could be increased by up to 300% with the addition of videos to emails. Imagine the engagement potential of an email for your subscribers with a helpful video linked within!

Consider the nature of your brand.

Not all industries are the same, and not all businesses interact with their consumers in the same ways. Marketing software company HubSpot found that an average of between 16 and 30 email marketing campaigns sent each month across various industries enjoyed the highest email open rates, but these numbers vary significantly from one niche to another. Therefore, it makes sense that the amount of email marketing campaigns sent each month depends heavily on what brand of services or products you aim to deliver. A news-related business would be inclined to send more frequent emails since the goal is to keep readers updated on the current global events. In contrast, a luxury travel business would only send emails during holiday seasons when people are most likely to plan trips. The nature of your business will determine how many emails you should send to subscribers, as well as how often. 

Carefully structure your content.

A great way to decide how many email marketing campaigns you should send each month is to lay out your content plan in advance. Think about the structure and amount of material that you want to put in each email. A good campaign could start with a newsletter that offers valuable information relating to a subscriber’s interests, followed by a promotional email a few days afterward. Keeping your messages short will most likely hold your reader’s attention better. If your email feels like it’s getting a bit too long, consider dividing it into two or more emails that you can send a few weeks apart. Call it a series so that recipients will look forward to your next email installment.

Test and fine-tune your process.

The only way to pinpoint the number of emails that your subscribers will respond well to is through ongoing testing. However, it is advisable to start with fewer emails and increase them slowly as time goes by instead of doing the opposite. The biggest reason why consumers unsubscribe from mailing lists is that many feel like they get entirely too many emails, according to market research publisher Marketing Sherpa. Sometimes less is more. Start with one email marketing campaign in the first month, and slowly increase the number in time to find the perfect amount for your business.

The truth is that the ideal number of emails to send to your subscribers every month is not set in stone. It comes down to your individual measures and practices to find the best frequency. The right set of guidelines such as these can lead you to find the best options and finally settle on the perfect number of monthly email marketing campaigns for your business that bring in the best engagement.

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