Email Marketing: The Best Business Growth Strategy and Why You Should Be Using It

Email marketing Business Growth Strategy

We’re living in the digital age, where the internet is either a confusing maze or one of the best marketing assets for business owners. It has never been easier to reach your audience, most of whom spend a large portion of their time online. Social media marketing, digital advertising, and affiliate marketing are just some of the many ways to promote your content to potential customers. Out of all these methods, however, using email for marketing continues to be the most successful. 

Email marketing as a strategy involves connecting with prospects or current customers directly through their email inboxes. It serves as a tool to help you promote products, services, or simply provide value to your audience and foster a sense of community. So why should you use it to grow your business? The answer lies in the data.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Is Likely To Benefit from Email Marketing

1. The Return on Investment is surprisingly high.

Today, email marketing stands as the digital marketing method that brings the highest return on investment, commonly abbreviated as ROI. According to the Data & Marketing Association’s 2019 email tracker report, for every £1 spent, an email marketer was likely to make back an average of £42. That’s a 4200% ROI! This figure is an average value that varies from business to business. However, it still demonstrates how effective an email can be at making a sale, which leads to the second reason businesses succeed because of marketing through email.

2. Emails can be very targeted.

Have you ever received an email that felt addressed to you personally? It may have contained your name and some information about something or other which interests you personally. Marketers often describe this type of email as targeted, created to reach you directly.

Emails shine compared to other platforms when it comes to being more personal in their communication. Of course, this is possible because of the myriad of ways in which anyone can customize an email based on subscriber data. Some of the most common examples of email targeting include addressing the email recipient by their name, referencing their recent purchase history and recommending something similar/ related to it, or making a suggestion based on recent browse history. Targeted emails are effective because they communicate with a recipient about things that are relevant to them. 

3. Emails reach far more people than most platforms.

As of 2019, marketing and consumer data collector, Statista recorded 3.9 billion email users worldwide.  Nearly half of the total estimated global population! These are hundreds of billions of emails sent each day to so many people! In comparison, the social media platform Twitter only has around 300 million active monthly users, while the biggest platform Facebook is the only one to come close, with 2.8 billion. You can reach so many potential customers with email, and it makes sense to utilize it as one of your key marketing funnels.

4. Engagement on emails is better than most other marketing avenues.

Engagement is a measure of how much people interact with your content online, usually through clicks in the form of likes, shares, comments, and more. Even here, email marketing reigns supreme. Marketing software company Hubspot notes that the rate at which people click on emails to open them is at an average of 20%. After this, the rate at which recipients click on links inside emails is an average of 7.8% across multiple industries. In comparison, social media management tool SocialPilot notes the average engagement rate for common marketing platforms like Facebook and Instagram ranging from between 0.18% to 1.55%.

5. More people will see your emails.

In terms of how often your potential clients will see your promotion, emails are still the best approach.

The best way to explain this is by comparing your email inbox to your social media feed. There are many posts on social media that we never get to see on our feed because of the amount of content we have to scroll through each time. As a new account posting content, a lot of it will often go unseen. In comparison, every email you send to a person will arrive in their inbox, and they will almost always see it, even if in passing without opening it. It isn’t a matter of if potential customers will learn about your product/service, but when.

So why should you consider using email for marketing to grow your business? Based on these five benefits, its superiority as a tool for business growth through advertisement is clear. With targeted emails, you can build personalized connections and enjoy even more interactions with your promotional content.  You will effectively reach your intended audience, attracting and retaining them better than most digital marketing platforms ever could. Start enjoying the benefits of email marketing today!

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