Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing: 5 Reasons Why Email Advertising Is Better

Regardless of the specific industry, effective email campaigns fare better than social media ads. They have a more personal reach to an audience, and it is impossible to overlook their high ROI and engagement rates.

5 Elements of a Successful Welcome Email Series

The welcome series of emails is one of the most valuable aspects of interaction with new, prospective customers for any business. Statistically speaking, this set of emails receives the highest rates of engagement out of all email correspondence.

5 Ways to Create More Value-Based Emails

Newsletters are one of the most effective ways to build relationships with your customers and keep them informed about new products and services they may be interested in. However, creating an email newsletter that your subscribers and customers will find valuable can be challenging.

The Complete Guide To Web Fonts in Email

Web fonts are a great way to make your email stand out from the crowd and give it personality. But they do have their disadvantages, so be sure you're aware of them before deciding whether or not web fonts for emails is right for you.

Have You Been Missing Out on Increasing Your Sales with SMS Marketing?

SMS has been around since the 1980s, but it is only recently that people have started to take notice of its marketing power. It's not just a way to send short messages to customers and prospects anymore - SMS marketing is now being used by businesses as a way to engage with their audiences and increase sales.

Why Welcome Emails Are Crucial To Your Businesses’ Success

Did you know that welcome emails have one of the highest engagement rates of all marketing emails? Research has found that they generate about 4 times more opens and about 5 times more clicks than most emails in a marketing campaign on average. Why is this?

Create High Converting Exit-Intent Popups With These 5 Hacks!

Popup forms can be surprisingly effective at turning a website visitor into a subscriber to your mailing list. With a statistically confirmed conversion rate of about 3.09%, you can't afford to miss out on them as a chance to increase sales for your business. So what is it about exit-intent popups that make them essential to your growing business?

Boost Your Sales With These 5 Email Personalization Tips!

Email personalization involves closely monitoring user behavior and utilizing that information to address them directly in your promotional communication. People tend to interact with content that is more relatable to their needs. These personalization tips make your emails even more relatable, turning your engaging messages into increased sales.

What to Do With Inactive Subscribers in your Email List

When your email subscriber list starts to accumulate inactive users, don't be so quick to discard them all. Depending on their engagement history with your brand, a good number of them may be encouraged to return to activity. Carefully dealing with unengaged subscribers could mean the difference between recovered and lost sales.

6 Reasons Why Your Email Engagement Rates are Low and How to Improve Them

So you've put together a mailing list of the people that are interested in your brand. Perhaps you have an email marketing campaign running, hoping to turn leads into successful conversions. Yet however much you try, the engagement rates for your emails remain woefully low.

Boost Your Sales With Email Retargeting

Email retargeting can be an essential part of retaining engagement with your brand. Proper execution of this strategy could help to boost sales by reigniting interest in your business. Integrate it into your email marketing strategy and watch as your subscriber list turns from dormant leads to increased purchases over time!

5 Strategies to Help Build Your Email List with Ease

Building your email list is the first step in growing a community around your brand. It can be particularly difficult to do it from scratch, but it is still possible. More resources are available to assist you now than there have ever been, and the population online continues to grow by the day. The best time to start building your email list is today.

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